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This website and mailing list is focused on 2" Quadruplex Videotape:
The Recorders, Recording, Playback, Maintenance, Equipment Design and Tape Preservation,
and the Preservation of Knowledge about these subjects so that knowledge can
be used by new people today or years from now to preserve the content contained on Quad tapes.

Sharing your experiences working with Quad tapes, recorders, their quirks and foibles can be very helpful in migrating the thousands of aging Quad videotapes now just sitting on shelves at archives world-wide.

Members of this group are working with the Library of Congress National Audio Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper, Virginia at the request of Steven Nease, the Chief Technology Officer for the NAVCC.

Historical stories or personal recollections are welcome. We all need a laugh, an "Ah-Ha!" or to
remember when "that happened to me."

Some Quad Video Tape Group Socializing:

Quad Videotape Group at the Association of Moving Image Archivists, 2008
Savannah, Georgia


Click here for details.

Quad Videotape Group at the National Association of Broadcasters, 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada

Click here for details.