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Quad Videotape Group member Dave Sieg shows the first and last Scanimate, a sophisticated analog animation Device, the look of which you would recognize from the mid-1970s advertising and television opens, closes, and promos.

He's recently been featured in a video from Viceland posted to YouTube.

www.scanimate.comEngineer Dave Sieg has spent the last 20 years preserving the only working Scanimate, an analog motion graphics machine that was the staple of film/tv animat...
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Trivia question: What presidential political campaign may have been the first to use video tape as a method of observing and improving the candidate’s performance?

From the reference I discovered while looking for something else (isn’t that always how it works) it appears a $100,000 video tape machine was involved, leading me to believe it was a Quad machine.

The initial reference In a retrospective about this this presidential candidate and his administration led me to source of the reference, but it isn’t available to look at on line.

While I doubt our local library has it, The Sacramento city/county library or the state library in Sacramento may have it.

Or we may have to cough up some money and buy a copy.

This particular candidate’s father advised that they were going to sell the candidate “like soap flakes.”
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4 weeks ago

Quad Videotape Group

Zinfurbished Quad ready to ship!

Ready to ship,
Wrapped up like a mummy!
Add a Quad head,
It soon will be hummy.Ready to ship! And its not your father's Oldsmobile!
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